As cement binds concrete, ICI binds us’. To create awareness amongst the budding civil engineers about modern concrete construction practices and promote the growth of concrete constructions, ICI Student Chapter MJCET has organized many technical events and non technical events to boost up enthusiasm level of the students, helping them in bridging the gap between knowledge and practice.

Participation in ICI conducted competitions, guest lectures, conferences, technical site visits, opportunities to interact with practicing professionals not only helped students learn about the wonderful concrete industry but also instilled within them interest in the field and courage of approaching the oncoming professional life.

We, the students of MJCET, are very grateful to ICI Chairman APHC Mr. Er.Ar. S.P. Anchuri Sir, the Secretary Mr.Er. Yedukondalu Sir and the HOD Dr. Moinuddin Ahmed, Civil Engineering Dept. MJCET, for lending us such a helpful hand and being extremely supportive in organizing all the events during the academic year 2012-2013.

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