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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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ECE Department is equipped with state of art equipment, avant-garde, voluble and seasoned faculty with abound experience. The students of the department secured top University Ranks and have set the record of highest campus placement offers. With a very active IEEE Student Branch and Robotics Club,the department has achieved international and national level awards and trophies.

Osmania University allots scholars to the research centre to pursue their Ph.D. Currently MJCET-ECE Research Centre has eight research scholars and two Junior Research Fellow (JRF’s). A Ph.D was awarded in 2020 by Osmania University under the MJCET-ECE research centre.


To be recognized as a premier education center providing state of art education and facilitating research and innovation in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


We are dedicated to providing high quality holistic education in Electronics and Communication Engineering that prepares the students for successful pursuit of higher education and challenging careers in industry, R&D and academics.


Head of Department

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of MJCET is one of the leading departments of the college with highly experienced faculty and well-equipped laboratories. The emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Data Science, Cyber Security, 3D printing and Design, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Self Driven Cars, Electric Vehicles, Smart Buildings are a direct consequence of the innovations in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The major revolution in the area of VLSI (Electronic Chip) Design and Communication Technologies (3G, 4G and 5G) is a cornerstone of all major innovations in all branches of Engineering. Further, another critical area in which ECE is used in Healthcare. The latest innovations in Wearable Devices, Medical diagnostics, Surgical Interventions, Biomedical Implants, Critical Care is based upon the key parameters of Electronic Design which are Low Power, High Speed and Small Area. The department aims at honing the skills of students in the core domain of Electronics and Communication Engineering. However, we prepare our students to meet the demands of the software industry which offers high volume job opportunities by training our students in niche technologies like AI, IoT, Robotics , Full Stack development among others.

The ECE Department at MJCET is a wonderful place for the students to groom themselves as professional industry-ready engineers. I believe in the philosophy that "Electronics is like water and it easily blends with any branch of Engineering and makes anything Intelligent".

One of the parameters to accredit a department is its academic performance in university examination. I congratulate the department for producing excellent results this year. Placement is outstanding, with ECE department students receiving the most offers (138). ECE department students have proved that they are second to none when it comes to placements even if they are in the software domain. The objective of our department is to develop student competencies in dealing with global complexities, emerging technologies and change, not forgetting the core values of humanity.

Students of our department along with the staff members have conducted, participated and excelled in many events under IEEE, ADSOPHOS, SPAC, ROBOCON., to name a few. I also take the opportunity to thank and congratulate the management, Principal, Faculty members, Supporting staff, students and parents and wish them success in their future endeavors.

I wish everyone all the very best.

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    • Muffakham Jah college of Engineering & Technology is accredited by NAAC in 2020

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    • Muffakham Jah college of Engineering & Technology was accredited by NBA in 2002. SAR for reaccreditation is pending with the NBA

Laboratories in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

  • M.E. Digital Systems Lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Circuits & Simulation Lab
  • Signal Processing Lab
  • HDL Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Workshop Lab
  • Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Communication Lab


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